Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pudding Pie Hill - Fairy Mound

Local folklore states that if you run around Pudding Pie Hill nine times sunwise and then stick a knife in the top you will be able to hear the fairies revelling inside the mound below. Well the mound is not far from where I live so of course I had to give it a go!

The mound now lies in the neglected corner of a field near a busy bypass, but despite this it still has quite an atmosphere.

I started making my way clockwise around the mound but it wasn't easy as it was muddy and one side of the mound runs into a hedge and ditch, but I persevered and tried not to lose count and eventually reached nine (I think!) then ran to the top and plunged my wand into the soft earth. I placed my ear against the ground and heard... nothing! Perhaps I hadn't done it right, or perhaps the fairies left a long time ago, annoyed by all the busy traffic. So I sat there on top of the mound, my legs astride the wand, and meditated. But try as hard as I might I still wasn't picking anything up.

Despairing now I opened my eyes and there sat on my leg was a perfect little two-spot ladybird. Well it wasn't what I had come here for, but clearly he had a message for me...

He told me that his name was Azimoth and he was here to guide me. He said I had to heal the land by drawing in 'life-force' at nodal points. The land will become wasteland without this life-force to fight pollution. My work with the land is all-important, all else is just a distraction to me.

As usual it felt like a riddle. What nodal points? How do I heal the land? But more than this I could not ascertain at this time.

I tried to place Azimoth back on the ground, but he didn't seem to want to leave and so joined me as I returned to my car. As I sat behind the wheel I noticed him crawl away into my car, but after that I never saw him again.

I later discovered that an 'Azimuth' is something used in navigation. It's the angle between a point of reference and the place you want to get to. Was this another clue?


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