Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Black Hope Glen, Green Man

I drove up the isolated, windswept Scottish glen in my 4x4 and then climbed up a remote gulley containing a few hidden trees and a tumbling rivulet of fresh mountain water.

Eventually I came to a hidden pool completely cut off from the outside world. There I made an offering into the pool and then sat down and meditated.

A green man with stag horns appeared by the pool sitting cross-legged. He told me that he was the spirit of the land, of Albion, and of all living things here, but that his power had been fragmented by the building of roads and other obstacles. What was once one large powerful spirit has now been much reduced by this.

Perhaps he wanted me to do something about this? But what could I do? They never seem to give direct answers, so this was something I'd have to work out for myself...

I walked back down to my car and drove out of the valley, but not before being confronted by the local landowner on his quad bike!

Further down the main valley I visited the Grey Mare's Tail waterfall, the awesome power of nature in all her beauty and glory!


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