Saturday, 24 July 2010

Dundon Beacon, Tree Spirit

I climbed through the magical forest that lines the flanks of Dundon Hill in Somerset and eventually came to a clearing dominated by two huge horse-chestnut trees.

By the side of the clearing water issued forth from a spring forming a small patch of fresh clear water that ran away into a rivulet. It seemed like the ideal place to try out my new-found abilities so I made an offering to the spring and then sat down by it and meditated.

I was slightly disappointed that the only thing I picked up on was the presence of a tree spirit in the large horse-chestnut nearest to me. I was in a forest so nothing unusual there I though! However I decided to go over to the tree and investigate it more closely. What a shock I got when carved into the opposite side of the tree a huge face like a pagan god of old!

I made offerings to the tree spirit, placed crystals around it to make a portal and then meditated while holding my hands against it. Immediately I entered the spirit of the tree and became one with it.

My form took on the size and shape of the tree and I was looking down upon the clearing from high in the canopy. Beneath me in the clearing I could see little forms made of light scurrying around about their daily tasks. The elementals and gnomes that inhabited the place.


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Unknown said...

What a beautiful place! Your walk sounds amazing, and your journey exceptionally magical. It's a lovely blog! I look forwards to reading more. :)

Debbie Dundon said...

I am a Dundon and it is a beautiful place. Would love to know more.