Friday, 15 October 2010

The Major Oak, Sherwood Forest

I arrived in Sherwood forest at dusk, just as the last of the tourists were leaving. In the semi-darkness I made my way along the winding paths past ancient oak trees until I arrived at the clearing containing the biggest oak tree of all, the Major Oak.

This monster of a tree is so huge and ancient that it has to be propped up with wooden supports, it dominates the clearing and is surrounded by a low fence to keep the hordes of tourists at a distance.

There was no-one around so I slipped over the fence to take a closer look at this majestic old tree. As I walked around the tree it's huge limbs spread out above me, impossibly large and heavy, but still bearing fresh acorns despite its advanced age.

Then I noticed a huge fissure in the bark, I crept up to it and was able to squeeze inside and enter another world. The interior was huge. There was ample room to stand up straight or lie down flat. I noticed patches of fibreglass which presumably were placed there in an attempt to stop the rot and decay. I lay down on the floor, within the very bowels of the tree and meditated...

I was approached by a pair of tiny redcaps, only 8 & 10 inches high. They were squat creatures with broad faces and were dressed in peasant clothes. I asked them who they were but they just stared blankly at the ground in front of them. They appeared to me like a couple of peasant tribesmen being questioned by someone from a totally alien culture who's language they did not understand.

Suddenly one of them made a strange sound like an animal call: "Geee!"

Then the other smaller one, did the same: "Geee!"

Then both together rapidly one after the other: "Geee! Geee! Geee! Geee!"

I asked them to take me to the underworld. They were still staring at the ground, a look of non-comprehension on their faces, when suddenly one of them ran off, swiftly followed by the other. I followed them both and found myself on a broad path clinging to the edge of a mountainside. They ran off around a bend and as I followed them I just saw them disappear into a cave in the side of the mountain.

As I approached the cave I had a sense of foreboding. Something was in that cave and it wasn't pleasant. The redcaps were still making strange sounds: "Geee! Geee!", but now they seemed to be waiting for me to enter. I realised that I had no reason to trust these little creatures, and so I decided to return to the oak tree.

I hadn't really been expecting anything like this to happen and so I was unprepared when it did. It was a fascinating experience but at this stage I wasn't prepared to just travel into the depths of the underworld to see what I could find out. First I needed to find out my purpose and why I was doing all this...


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