Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lindsaylands Hill, Fairy Releasement

Taking my friend's dog out for walk in the hills of the Scottish borders I found the ruins of some old stone-built houses beneath a hill that was capped with a few sparse trees and rocky outcrops. I climbed up to the summit and beneath the roots of one of the trees I found a large rabbit hole. The hole looked quite magical and inviting so I decided to journey into it using the shamanic techniques I had learnt. The result was nothing like I expected though...

I had trouble entering the hole as it seemed to be blocking me somehow. So I mentally removed the blockage and instantly out of the hole shot hundreds fairies, glowing with a bright white light! They shot up into the sky in a seemingly endless stream, as if being blown aloft on huge column of rushing air. Finally the gushing stream of glowing fairies came to an end and they all drifted high up in the sky like seeds blown from a dandelion clock, spreading as far as the eye could see in all directions. Slowly they drifted back down to Earth settling like snow, or cherry blossoms, or all over the land, reinvigorating it and bringing it back to life.


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