Sunday, 8 August 2010

Glourourem Wood, Faery Wizards

During this visit to Scotland Fee took me to visit her local faery woods. We drove to Biggar Common, parked near Glourourem Wood and then walked over to where two trees formed a magic gateway. We left an offering there of chocolate, (but apparently they would have prefered cheese!) and were then given permission to step through...

Some kind of gatekeeper escorted us through the liminal zone. It was important that we remembered which way we came through this part as didn't want to get lost in faeryland! Fee said that we were being taken to a part of the wood that she hadn't been to before. We came to another gateway and after waiting to get permission we stepped through.
I was letting Fee lead the way and wasn't really tuned in at this point, so most of what I'm relating is what Fee was describing to me.

We were met inside by three faery wizards. These are the tall, human-sized fairies known as the Sidhe or Seelie Court Faeries.They asked us for our help and said they wanted us to work for them. After we agreed we both had a wand implanted in our hearts. They told us that we would now become more sensitive to the pollution in the environment, and chemicals in our food etc. (As presumably they were too?) They told us that the time was coming when their power would return, and that we were to aid them in this.

We then carefully made our way back out of the woods, ensuring that we took exactly the same route that we had entered by.


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