Sunday, 26 December 2010

Return to Hood Hill - The Dark Elves

A few days after the solstice I returned to Hood Hill with my newly energised crystals to try to find out their true purpose.

I climbed straight up the hill through the wet snow until I reached the fairy fort at the summit. Once there I placed a large quartz crystal before me and tuned in to the energies. I was told to place the quartz crystal in the large sycamore tree that seemed to be the centre of the energies up here. I was also told to remove an electronic device which is hanging there.

I inspected the electronic device which was hanging from the tree, it seemed to be some sort of GPS device used by an orienteering club, and it was firmly attached with thick wire. There's no way I could remove it without bolt cutters and so I took down the telephone number on there and phoned the club later to tell them to come and collect their discarded device.

I then walked around the tree and inspected its trunk and branches a bit more closely. After a while I found knotty hole which fitted my crystal perfectly. I stuck the crystal in the hole and left it jutting out like an extra limb.

I was then disturbed by a local farmer out for a stroll. I got talking to him and he told me about a hidden spring and stone water trough further down the western side of the hill, so I made a mental note to go and look for it later.

After he left I turned back to my crystal. It was jutting out between a large fork in the main trunk. Either the tree had split very near to the ground, or this was two trees that had grown together. I stood there and meditated, trying to work out what to do next. Suddenly I realised that the fork in the tree was a magic gateway to the otherworld! I opened my eyes and all the moss was glowing a vivid green, just like it had done in Lindsaylands a few days ago.

I closed my eyes again and stepped through the gateway...

I was in a dark cavern with tall guards dresses in dark, horned armour. They led me down a passageway and there was the dark elf king sitting behind his desk. He greeted me and I asked him what I was to do with my crystals. His answer was that I should make a 12 pointed grid around the moors, with one point on Hood Hill, and the opposite point on Jenet's Foss in Mulgrave Woods. A large quartz crystal should be placed in the centre of this grid, this would protect the moors from the coming pestilence!

I returned to my body on Hood Hill and thought about what he had said. I still wasn't sure what I really had to do. Should I be using my fluorite eggs, or should it be green beryls? Did I even trust this dark elf king? Something felt strangely sinister about him and about this whole place. In any case I did not leave any crystals there that day, I felt like I had to go away and find more clarity first.

I took a wander through the thick trees on the far side of the hill, and some intuition led me to very spring that the farmer had just told me about.

There was something special about this spring, but at the time I didn't realise it. I would be back this way another day...


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