Saturday 20 August 2016

Aquae Sulis - Bath

I finally made it to Bath today! To see the Roman temple and baths dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva who lives in the hot spring.

Head of the Celtic Goddess Sulis who personified the hot spring, 
she was Romanised as Sulis Minerva

The sacred spring where the goddess Sulis lives

The main bath

The cold pool

Part of the extensive underground waterways

Main outflow from the sacred spring,
millions of litres of hot water pour out from here every day

Gorgon head

One of many Roman altars found at Bath,
 offerings were placed in the circular depression at the top and burnt

Mosaic floor of hippocampus (sea horse) and dolphin

The Moon Goddess, Luna

The Celtic triple goddess

Hand of Jupiter holding a thunderbolt

Bladud, the mythical ancient Celtic founder of Bath

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