Wednesday 24 August 2016


Today I am exploring the magical places and cultures of Maui. The island is rich in sacred sites, powerful natural energies and an indigenous spiritual tradition that honours the elements.

Heleakala, sacred volcano of Maui

Offerings left on the summit of Mount Heleakala

Hiking up the outflow from a volcano!

The Seven Sacred Pools

Hiking near the Seven Sacred Pools

 The sacred Lao Valley

Shrine at Lao Valley

My guide Jeana led me on a visit to a heaui (temple) where we left a natural offering, an ancient spiritual ritual that has practised for hundreds of years. 

Explaining the use of healing herbs

 Preparing an offering to leave at the heiau 

Asking permission of the spirits to enter the heiau 

Paying respects at the heiau

Birthing stone at the heiau with our offering perched on top

In recent decades Maui has attracted large numbers of teachers, healers and seekers, creating vibrant spiritual community.

Temple of Life Spa and Healing Centre

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda performing at Maui Sacred Earth

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